The Sherry FitzGerald O’Meara Guide on How to prepare for viewings!

November 15, 2019
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The Sherry FitzGerald O’Meara Guide on How to prepare for viewings!


So you have made the decision to put your home for sale, and your agent has secured your first viewings.

How can you help turn those viewings into offers?

Follow our simple steps to WOW that buyer

  • Clean & declutter: Buyers gage room sizes by the floor space they can see or how much counter space is on show. Remove anything that doesn’t enhance presentation or could detract from the viewing.
  • Remove kids and pets: Make sure toys are tidied away and pet dishes and beds are removed as this can deter Buyers. Takes the kids and pets to the park or out for a drive during the viewings so potential buyers can relax walk the property unhindered.
  • Freshen Up: Open windows prior to the viewings to banish any pet or food odours. Ensuring not to make the house cold though, it shouldn’t feel chilly as you walk around.
  • Lighting: At this time of year, light is especially important ensure lights are on, usually table lamps are enough to add a cosy glow.
  • Bedding and Towels: All should be fresh and clean, try keeping sets specifically for viewing days.
  • Beautifully scented: Room sprays and scented candles ensure your home smells beautiful, just don’t overdo it! Subtle fragrance is key.
  • Finishing touches: Fresh flowers can be a wonderful touch to brighten a home and bring the outdoors in. If its cold weather lighting a fire or stove instantly makes your potential buyer feel at home and relaxed and so in the positive and happy frame of mind to make an offer to buy your house and not anyone else’s!

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