Your Lifestyle Choices! Is working from home now an option.

June 24, 2020
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Your Lifestyle Choices!

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One of the positive outcomes of Covid-19 is the fact that, for many of us, working from home has proved to be a viable option. No more wasted commuter time, sitting in traffic, adding hours to your working day – our current reality is working – it’s possible to still be productive but not necessarily in an office environment. In fact, research has shown that those working remotely tend to be more productive as there are less distractions, so maybe it’s time to rethink your lifestyle choices!


Your current home could pay dividends if you put it on the market now. There is so much choice and value if you consider moving out of prime city locations and start exploring other options. Athlone is less than an hour from Dublin and also Galway and a short drive from Limerick  with great connectivity by the M6 & M7 and excellent public transport links to all parts of Ireland. Local public transport is very good too.                                                                                All parts of the town and suburbs  no more that 10 minutes drive from all other parts so no long commutes  or sitting in traffic every day….you can even go home for lunch.


You could be mortgage free years earlier given the lower cost of housing outside of Ireland’s hotspots.

Property prices in Athlone are up to 50% cheaper than equivalent houses in Dublin & the east coast and a good quality 200m2 detached house on a big garden in the country can be had for the price of a modest three bedroom semi in Dublin.

Think of the money you could save by not commuting and buying lunch and coffee each day. Think of the extra time you will have to spend with family and friends, no more rushing out the door each morning to sit in traffic – sounds good doesn’t it?



There’s nothing children like better than to have unrestricted carefree fun, the beauty of a rural location is the open, unlimited space to enjoy. No busy roads to worry about, just good old-fashioned fun where your children can burn off steam and generally enjoy a natural habitat. If there’s a dog in the house you really haven’t got a hope of chilling in front of the TV or having a quiet read when there’s the countryside to explore – they will make their feelings known – but you’ll be glad you made the effort in the end – leaving you guilt-free to relax for the next few hours.


Working remotely is very much dependent on a good broadband speed so when thinking about moving to a more rural setting it’s important to focus on this as part of your overall checklist. You can check connectivity by Eircode or address on A new chapter in your life could be on the horizon!

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