Did you know that in Ireland a high number of sales arranged fall through after the offer is accepted? Here at Sherry FitzGerald O’Meara we have a dedicated team on hand to support in Sales progression management. We monitor and liaise with all parties to ensure prompt responses to queries that could affect the … Continued

Irish Residential Market Review, Summer 2021 By Marian Finnegan, Managing Director, Residential & Advisory; Siobhán Corcoran, Senior Economist, Associate Director; Eoin Lynch, Economist, Researcher This report provides an overview of the key developments in the Irish residential market over the opening half of 2021. Included in this issue of the report is a special in … Continued

Rethinking Rural Focus On: Mayo For the next chapters in our series on Rethinking Rural, we focus in on some undersung counties with a whole lot to offer, starting with marvellous Mayo. Living in Mayo You might be forgiven for thinking that Mayo is Cinderella to her flashier sister, Galway. Look closer and find gorgeous … Continued

Rethinking Rural– City Budget Country House With the average price of a house in Dublin standing at €428,000 we take a look at what you could get in the same range in some of the most beautiful parts of Ireland. Considering remote working? These could be just the houses to inspire you to take the … Continued

Exploring the Great Move to the Irish Countryside, we take a fresh look at what’s going on outside the city limits. As the new Rural Plan champions better broadband and remote working, there are plenty of places where you really can have it all. We’ve selected some spots to get you thinking. We’ll be picking … Continued

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