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February 19, 2019
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Location is key

With your finances in place and your search criteria registered with us, it’s time to consider your search. By now, you probably know how many bedrooms you are looking or and the general area you’d like to live in. In the property world, its often said that your new home is the right combination of what you want, what you can afford and that is on the market.

Whether you are looking or a detached house with a garden or a city apartment, try to imagine living there. Is there a possibility our family needs will change in the coming years? Location is also a major factor and will be your primary consideration.


Key location issues to consider

  • Getting to know your neighbourhood – try and visit your chosen area at different times of the day and night. It’s also a good idea to visit at weekend when people are out and about.
  • Schools, hospitals, sports clubs and public amenities. – make a note of how well –serviced your new area is.
  • Other local amenities – what are the shops, supermarkets, restaurants parks and pubs in the area like?
  • Transport and infrastructure – find out if there are is well serviced by public transport and take note of the frequency and quality of services
  • Distance to and from work and family – how much time are you prepared to spend traveling to and from work every day or to visit loved ones?

How we can Help

While we have supplied you with some guidelines above we have dedicated resources online to equip you with the knowledge to get the most from your property search.

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