Our Built Heritage: A forgotten man of vision for Clonakilty

October 31, 2018
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In February 1907, a Mr Callan, horticultural instructor under the ‘Technical and Agricultural Department’, went to Cork and purchased 159 trees of various varieties at a cost of £6 and brought them back to Clonakilty. As an experiment, they were planted on the eastern approach to the town, on the side of the road opposite the Convent gates. Mr Callan had “no doubt these would be very nice and ornamental to the approaches to the town”.

Fast forward to 2018 and the Judges report to Clonakilty Tidy Towns noted: “The approach road from Cork is most impressive where its dramatic landscaping schemes, eye catching green spaces, distinctive signage, attractive banners and mature trees combining to provide a memorable entrance to Clonakilty

That’s how to leave a legacy!

Source: The Skibbereen Eagle, 22nd February 1907