Daniel O’Connell’s Lost Whiskey

December 11, 2020
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By Con O’Neill, Director, Sherry FitzGerald O’Neill

A boat load of whiskey running ashore in Clonakilty Bay was never going to end well. I stumbled across this story in the Cork Commercial Courier from September 11th, 1828:

“The brig Rose of Dingle, on her passage there from Cork ran on shore in Clonakilty Bay on the evening of Monday night and immediately went to pieces. She was laden with a large supply of whiskey, wine, groceries, iron, leather, in fact every commodity necessary for a town. Owing to the exertions of Richard B. Norcott, Esq, the Messrs Hungerford, with the military stationed at Clonakilty, a great part of the cargo was saved, but the people of the immediate neighbourhood assembled, and plundered every article they could lay hands on. Entire puncheons of whiskey were opened on the shore, and made away with. Three men died of intoxication, and a house was set on fire by the whiskey coming in contact with the candle and one woman burnt. Whiskey was selling at Clonakilty at 2s 6d per gallon. Great part of the whiskey and wine for the use of Daniel O’Connell, Esp. M.P.”