How do I research a property online? There are some fantastic online resources which are freely available to use when researching a property. These are the tools we use when bringing a property to market. Arm yourself with all the information available to make informed decisions. We hope you find this helpful! Property Price Register … Continued

Have you ever thought  ‘I’d love to live in West Cork, but it’s not exactly an easy commute.’  Think again. So, whether you are looking for a lifestyle change without a change of career, or thinking of setting up or expanding a business, West Cork may have the answer for you with hot desk opportunities … Continued

Cost of buying home February 2, 2019

As part of our series of videos on all the things you should consider when you are thinking about looking for or selling your home in West Cork, we’ve addressed some of the various steps involved as you start the journey of making this important decision. Our video on: Costs of buying a home will … Continued

It’s time to start the exciting and rewarding process of buying a new home in West Cork. We understand that it may feel a little overwhelming and that the information you need to take on board at this point may seem daunting. To help you, we have prepared a step-by-step guide which we hope will … Continued

Welcome to the latest part of our series for those selling their home or property in West Cork. This guide will provide the insight you need into what can feel like a complicated process.  Our guide will help you to:  Understand the selling process one step at a time Prepare your property for viewings and … Continued

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