Tips for Selling Your House in Winter

December 7, 2018
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While there are some challenges to overcome when selling in winter it has its own unique benefits. As November rolls round, there are fewer properties on the market with less competition. The buyers in the market are practical and often looking to purchase before the end of year. While enthusiasm from buyers and sellers can lull in the run up to Christmas, it is all systems go once Christmas Day is over. Rightmove have reported they received 31 million page views on St Stephens Day increasing to 44 million page views on December 30th. By selling in winter, your property has a headstart in the New Year!

There are many ways that little tweaks can give your property an edge in the market. Here are some pointers:


Make sure your house is warm and comfortable

The most obvious move is to make sure your property is warm and comfortable. There is nothing like the feeling of leaving the cold wind and rain behind to open your front door to a warm home. Viewers feel instantly at home.  The more comfortable the viewer is, the more likely they are to stay longer – an actual advantage to winter selling!

Throws and cushions give a warm welcome at Ardsallagh.

Simple touches such as throws over the arms of a sofa, or the placing of rugs on a laminate floor create a cosy atmosphere. Likewise, if you have an open fireplace, think about laying a fire in it. There are few things more welcoming on a chilly day than the flickering flames from a warm fireplace.

Cosy sitting room, The Fortress, Ballydehob

Let there be light!

The importance of lighting cannot be understated. Wherever possible, let the light in. Curtains should be opened, and blinds pulled up. Use the interior lighting, both ceiling lights and occasional lamps. A darker room will always be improved with a bit more illumination.

A spot of elbow grease goes a long way too. Make sure the windows are washed and cobwebs cleared. Buy a toothbrush and use it to scrub discoloured grout with bleach. Polished chrome taps and mirrors will lend a bit of welcomed sparkle to the bathroom.


Bringing Summer into Winter

Advance preparation can pay off. Do you have gardens that are at their finest during summer? Photograph them at their best and display them during the winter months. Alternatively, vases of flowers can create an illusion of the warmer weather to come.

The Flower Basket, Clonakilty                                                                                        Ruth Fortune Flowers, Glandore


Inviting scents – yummy beats musty!

It might seem like a cliché, but baking bread and brewing coffee does make for a pleasant first impression. However, this does come with a warning not to overdo the use of artificial scents and deodorisers. What starts off well can sometimes become overpowering.

In summary:

  • Make sure your house is warm and comfortable.
  • Let there be light!
  • Display a few photos of the property during the summer.
  • Inviting scents – yummy beats musty!

So there is every reason to feel optimistic about West Cork winter house selling. Just look after the details.