Thinking of renting your property?

December 10, 2018
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That’s where we come in, at Sherry FitzGerald O’Neill we have been helping clients just like you, interested in renting out a property, get on the right track from the start of the rental process. We’re here to guide you and share our expertise with you to ensure that your property reaches its full potential in terms of rental income and in securing the right tenants for you.


If you want to attract the right tenant, you will need to make your rental property as attractive as possible for viewings and so close attention to detail will make all the difference. From deep-cleaning and repairs to painting and decorating, your tenants will expect to walk into a fresh and clean home. Remember, the better condition you present your property in at the beginning of the tenancy and the higher the standards you set, the more likely it is your high standards will be maintained.


  1. Getting started on the interior of the property you need to ensure it is professionally cleaned and thoroughly de-cluttered, removing any evidence of previous tenants or whoever has lived there most recently prior to letting.
  2. Like any property, the kitchen is always the true heart of the home and you must make sure all kitchen appliances are spotlessly clean, modern and in proper working order.
  3. Plumbing is a vital aspect of daily domestic life so you need to check all bathroom plumbing, fixtures and fittings to make sure that they are in good working order and well-presented.
  4. Wallpaper and paintwork needs to be refreshed every few years and make sure any existing work is done to a high standard.
  5. Carpets – as much as you believe you can get most carpet stains out ‘with a little elbow grease and soap and water’, we highly recommend that you get all carpets professionally cleaned.
  6. A messy or overgrown garden can be an immediate turn-off for any tenant so do your best to ensure your garden is neat and easy for tenants to maintain with all grass and hedging cut, and trimmed as required.
  7. Everybody has different taste when it comes to decor and that’s why it makes sense to use only neutral colours as they will make it a little easier for tenants to adjust to their tastes. And similarly, furniture should also be neutral, but ideally hard-wearing and in very good condition.
  8. For major appliances and systems like heating, get all instruction manuals ready for the new tenant. If you have mislaid them, many are available online so check them out in plenty of time.
  9. Servicing – it is also very important that you have the gas boiler or oil burner and fire serviced. And remember that regular maintenance will probably increase their lifespan and cost you significantly less in the long-term.
  10. Laws and Regulations – In Ireland, there are strict regulations in place to protect both landlords and tenants in relation to gas safety, fire safety, and more, these would include installing both smoke and carbon monoxide alarms and providing a fire blanket as standard.


As a landlord you need to make yourself familiar with the minimum standards required by law when it comes to renting your accommodation. You will need to be registered with the Private Residential Tenancies Board (RTB) and ensure the property is legally safe for occupancy, we can advise you on this and arrange the necessary inspections.

To protect both you as landlord and your tenant, you will be required to draw up a tenancy agreement which will be signed by each party. This will outline the property address, monthly agreed rental amount, confirmation of the deposit paid by the tenant, the date that rent is due each month and the names of the tenant/s. An inventory of all the contents and condition of the property will also be drawn up and agreed to, by both landlord and tenant.

Your tenant will be required to pay a security deposit to you which will be reimbursed to the tenant at the end of the tenancy, this is usually an amount of one months’ rent, payable in advance. Regarding utilities, the tenant usually takes these over under their own name once they move into the property, we can help and advise you on the transfer of utilities and setting up a standing order.


Book a free Market Appraisal with us and we will advise you on the current rental value for your property. We can offer you a personalised and tailored advice presentation which can help to give your property that competitive edge and advise on laws and regulations.


Choosing Sherry FitzGerald O’Neill as your agent means that we can take the hassle out of finding the right tenant. We will arrange viewings, vet tenants, gather references, organise tenancy agreements, transfer utility bills, chase rent and ensure that you meet all your legal requirements.

Many of our clients don’t want to be involved in the day-to-day running of their rental property and so we also offer a Property Management service. As part of this service we are there to deal with any tenant queries, carry out mid-term inspections, arrange repairs and maintenance as they arise, manage the check in and check out process and advise on deposit reductions if required.