Selling your home and the benefits of redecorating

October 17, 2016
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Letterkenny house sales achieve significantly higher prices with a little redecorating – so if you are thinking about selling your home in Donegal it’s time to get your paint brush out.

Redecorating may mean extra work and involve spending some cash, but investing a little time and money now can yield a much better return for vendors.

Of course it’s important to look at clearing up clutter, pulling weeds, clearing gutters and even giving gardens a little tender loving care – but the one thing that yields the biggest return for level of investment is adding a fresh lick of paint.

However, it’s not as simple as buying and applying the cheapest tin of paint in the shop as colour is all important. Choose poorly and you could actually achieve a lower sale price than expected – so for God’s sake try to avoid a spattering of yellow polka dots on a purple background or similar variations as much as possible.

Neutral, neutral, neutral

Regardless of how much you get the urge to give in to your love of psychedelic art and make a colourful splash on your walls, be strong and remember the three rules of colour when painting your house for sale: ‘Neutral, neutral, neutral’.

Magnolia, cream or white may not be your cup of tea but on the whole they are the colours that appeal the most to the most people. They can give your property a fresh or ‘blank canvas’ look which will help viewers to picture themselves – and their own creations or designs – being a part of the space.

Exterior painting
If your home’s exterior is looking bit dingy then that is the first impression a potential buyer will have of your property and can diminish your chances of achieving your asking price. Although painting the outside of your property is not ideal in terms of cost, it could make all the difference when it comes to achieving the price you seek.

Front door painting
A newly-painted front door – the eye to your home – with fresh fittings always creates a good first impression. A glossy finish to your front door can make it very attractive to viewers.

Bedroom painting
Magnolia, cream or white is always the way to go with bedrooms – don’t stray from the ‘neutral’ path.

Kitchen and bathrooms painting
When kitchen units look a little tired, a simple pick-me-up is available by respraying the doors at a fraction of the cost of buying a totally new kitchen. Old-fashioned white is back in vogue. If you’ve got a pink or avocado bathroom colour, consider investing in some white paint instead.

It’s important when ‘doing up’ a property for sale that you don’t overspend. There is absolutely no point in spending €10,000 to increase your sale price by €5,000, so it’s crucial to be clever with your spending when redecorating for sale.