Five quick tips for moving home hassle-free

January 16, 2017
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You’ve found your Donegal dream home, the sale has gone through and now moving day is fast approaching.

Moving house is often seen as one of life’s most stressful events, whether you are a first timer or a seasoned veteran. But here at Sherry Fitzgerald Rainey we believe a few simple steps can help make the transition to a new home as straightforward as possible.

1 Planning a move
Set a date for the day of the move and start to prepare early – about four weeks before the day itself should provide ample time. If you are using a removals company, remember that Fridays and bank holidays are their busiest periods so try to avoid them. Book some time off work – take a couple of days either side of the move so you are ‘on site’.
Get quotes from three or four removal companies and see how that compares to the cost of hiring a van and doing it yourself.

2 Moving house is a fresh start
It might be a case that not everything is coming with you to your new home – think that old exercise bike in the garage that seemed like a good idea at the time. When packing, separate everything into ‘keep’, ‘charity shop’ and ‘dump’ and pack the items not coming to the new house first.
Make an inventory of everything that is coming with you and make sure the removal company has a copy. It’s also worth checking that your insurance covers the move and that your home insurance starts from the very first day you are in your new home.

3 New address notification
Get on the ball around one week before the move. Leave no one out – banks, utility companies, doctors, employers, the milkman, family and friends. Double check with the utility companies that you’ll be up and running when you move into the new home.
As a short term measure, have An Post redirect your mail.

4 Pack wisely
Make sure you have everything you are likely to need before you start – boxes, strong tape, bubble wrap etc. Be methodical and pack on a room by room basis, thinking of where things will go in your new home. Remember to consider weight as you pack, making sure not to overdo it in any one box, and mixing light and heavy as you go.

5 The final steps
In the days leading up to the move, finalise the inventory of all that’s coming with you, defrost the freezer, and on the day itself turn off all appliances, check those meter readings and have a final check that you haven’t forgotten anything.
For the day of the move, pack a survival kit with the essentials – kettle, tea bags/coffee, milk and mugs, the kids’ favourite toys, toilet roll, cutlery, bed linen etc.
After a busy moving day, don’t try to unpack everything at once, just make up the beds, congratulate yourself on making it through the day and start to enjoy your life in your new home.