July 31, 2018
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There comes a time when our existing living space no longer feels big enough or private enough for purpose, that’s when the option of a garden room can become a feasible alternative to moving. If you’re lucky enough to have adequate outdoor space to accommodate an extra room, there’s no shortage of ideas on how to get the most use out of it. Easy to install, typically cheaper than having an extension or attic conversion with relatively little disruption to your daily routine, garden rooms are a popular choice when it comes to resolving the problem of creating extra space.


They are the ideal solution if you are happy with your current location and don’t want to have to move in search of more space. Completely independent from your home, garden rooms are a stand-alone build that can offer underfloor heating, floor to ceiling windows for maximum light and a sleek, contemporary design. During warmer periods of the year you can slide back the windows to enjoy your garden and be at one with nature, if you are using the space as a home office, what nicer way to enjoy a day at work?


As your family expands and toddlers become teenagers the dynamics of family life will change with them. A garden room will give them the option of hanging out with their friends in a dedicated space where they can relax and watch a movie without encroaching on your space – noise levels will also be a whole lot more tolerable from the end of the garden!



During times of stress when exams loom on the horizon, the flexibility of using your home office as a place of study in the evenings is an ideal solution for your children. Instead of being locked away in their bedroom with potential interruptions from their siblings, they get to enjoy a bright open space in which to concentrate yet still be in the comforting reach of home.


Thankfully life is not all work and no play so use your extra space for your own enjoyment, a games room would go down a treat with your offspring. Or it could be used as a yoga studio, a home gym, a home library or maybe an art studio where you can get lost in your own creations with no disruption. For a livelier option turn it into a dance studio where you can host a fun Zumba night for your friends – although you might want to consider soundproofing first!